• *Peter M O’Neill

    Founder and Chair of Investment Committee

    Prior to being a Founder of Able Global Partners in 1996, Mr. O’Neill was Managing Director of Corporate Finance at Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd., Est. 1842. His responsibilities included structuring and funding projects in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada. Mr. O’Neill has amassed over 25 years experience in the Financial Services Industry, including holding the position of President at CM&M’s Municipal Division, which was acquired by HSBC in 1983. Mr. O’Neill was also a Director in Paine Weber’s Fixed Income Division working on transactions between their Capital and Consumer Markets Divisions, primarily Investment Banking Underwriting. He has been involved in managing transactions ranging in size from $5 to $500 million. Mr. O’Neill’s expertise has focused on convertible debt, consumer finance, equity, securities brokerage, asset management, asset- based lending, venture capital and merchant banking. Mr. O’Neill is a graduate of Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He has served on the Boards of Gibbons & Company, Finlay Sports, Youth Focus and Big Brothers & Sisters.

  • *Richard Roth, Esq.

    Corporate Counsel , Member of Investment Committee

    Mr. Roth’s experience includes working for the Office of the United States Attorney General and interning for a Judge of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Widely respected in the profession, Mr. Roth is a member of the Litigation and Entertainment Committees of the American Bar Association, a member of the Litigation and Legislation Committees of the New York State and the New York County Bar Associations and a member of the small law firm committee of the New York City Bar Association. Mr. Roth has also published articles on various aspects of litigation and has been quoted in magazines, periodicals, trade journals and daily newspapers. Mr. Roth received his B.A. degree, cum laude, from Union College in Schenectady, N.Y. and his J.D. degree from Hofstra University School of Law where he graduated near the top of the class.

  • *Michael McTague, Ph.D.

    Executive Vice President, Member of Investment Committee

    Dr. McTague brings to Able Global Partners a distinguished career of more than twenty-five years in Financial Management. A former Business School Dean, he developed a feasibility study for a dormitory project and achieved Connie Lee bond insurance. Dr. McTague is an expert in Financial Management, Bridge Financing, Convertible Debt and Preferred Equity. He also teaches business management at various MBA programs. Dr. McTague holds an MBA in Finance from New York University and a Ph.D. from University of Iowa. He is the author of several books on business skills for bankers and other managers. Dr. McTague also developed innovative management programs in problem solving, decision making and innovation, which were employed by leading corporations in the pharmaceutical, banking and technology industries.

  • Timothy Walsh

    Managing Director, Analyst

    A widely respected authority on listing requirements, Mr. Walsh works in an advisory capacity with Able Global Partners for firms that plan to list on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange). Mr. Walsh is involved in growing TSX Venture Exchange’s listings business. He is responsible for building and maintaining an ecosystem of stakeholder relationships in the Public Venture Capital arena. These stakeholders include the Toronto Stock Exchange, listed companies of TSX Venture and Toronto Stock Exchange, prospective customers, investment banks, angels, venture capital, corporate finance professionals, individual investors and applicable securities commissions. He also works with the Small Business Advisory Committee of the Ontario Securities Commission in order to provide input on behalf on TSX Venture Exchange, its stakeholders and Public Venture Capital in general.

  • Douglas Dillon

    Managing Director, Member of Investment Committee

    Douglas has spent his entire 20 year career with middle-market companies as a private equity professional and consultant. Prior to joining Able Global Partners, Douglas worked as a turnaround and strategic planner for corporate clients, with a major Southwest Bank. This comprehensive process is the key element of all our proposed investments, most notably the quality of management and business plans. Douglas has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of New Mexico.

  • Paul Fioravanti

    MBA, MPA, CAGS, Operating Advisor to Able Global

    Paul is Founder and Managing Partner of Qadent Management Services, LLC, a US-based turnaround, restructuring, business optimization and interim management firm. He is a proven turnaround CEO with experience in a variety of industries and situational challenges. Paul is an expert in the Contract Development Manufacturer Operations (CDMO) sector, turning around AVARA Pharma from a negative EBITDA to a positive $31milion EBITDA. He earned his MBA and MPA from the University of Rhode Island, and completed advanced post- masters research in finance and marketing at Bryant University.

  • Charles Ivey

    Managing Director, Analyst

    Mr. Ivy brings to Able Global Partners more than twenty-five years of experience in industry and finance. He has held senior positions in various industries and has worked with colleagues to obtain the funding needed to achieve new goals and to move the organizations forward. Mr. Ivy maintains excellent relationships with Funding Sources and has crafted projects that involve convertible debt, private placements and other investment vehicles. His financing experience spans venture capital, TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) projects and Corporate Finance. Mr. Ivy completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree with honors from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

  • Jack Wilshire

    Operator Oil/ Gas, Geologist

    Jack is a geologist who’s focus is managing the division for new exploration and development of oil/ gas assets in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming. Jack is a graduate of Texas A&M earning a degree in Geological Engineering

  • Michael Walters

    Executive Vice President, Oil/ Gas Operator

    Mike is focused on the International Oil/ Gas Market in Exploration and Production Business. His responsibilities include deal origination, structuring, monitoring and exit strategy. Mike is a Reservoir Engineer by education and has over 20 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Able Global Partners, Mike had spent 15 years with a muti-national Energy Company. Mike has a degree from Oxford and his focus is to provide capital in the oil/ gas sector for growing middle market companies.

  • Gilbert R. Steedley

    Director of Business Development

    Mr. Steedley comes to Able Global Partners after serving as Director, Equities Business Development at the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) in New York City. In his role at AMEX, Mr. Steedley worked with clients concerning listing requirements on the Exchange. He received excellent ratings from client organizations who sought to navigate the rules and policies for new and existing clients. He also increased the portfolio of a major client from $250 million to $10.5 billion over five years. Prior to his work at AMEX, Mr. Steedley also served as a Senior Research Analyst at NASDAQ. His knowledge of regulatory matters blends with a career spanning such key financial issues as liquidity, market structure and budgeting. Mr. Steedley holds an MBA from Delaware State University and a Bachelor’s in Finance and attended a Graduate School of Banking Fellowship by the University of Wisconsin.

  • Ron Eletto

    CPA, Accounting

    Mr. Eletto is responsible for Accounting and Audits. In addition, he brings considerable financial industry experience and client service to bear upon transactions at Able Global Partners. Mr. Eletto has extensive non sector specific experience in the financial community, working closely with Mid-Cap companies. He has developed expertise in all structured financial services.

  • Gerard Abraham

    Managing Director, Investment Banking Oil/ Gas

    Mr. Abraham plays a key consulting role for building the Able Global Partners LLC corporate finance effort. His primary responsibility is new client development. In addition, his duties focus on corporate advisory services including placement of debt and equity funds, origination and funding of merger & acquisition transactions, and strategic financial planning. Mr. Abraham has been an investment banker for more than two decades including work at Citigroup and several asset management organizations. He completed an MBA in Finance and Accounting.

  • Tom Kaetzer

    Operator Oil / Gas, Petroleum Engineer

    Tom is a Petroleum Engineer who is President of Redbud Exploration and Development domiciled in Houston, Texas. Thru an extensive quality staff of petroleum engineers, geologists, land managers evaluates, develops and operates producing oil / gas assets in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Redbud owns a number of rigs, water hauling and land management equipment and pipeline operating in multiple gas gathering systems. Tom has a skill set in oil/ gas engineering, contract negotiations, project planning and restructuring. Tom has a BS from University of Illinois- Urbana and a Masters Degree from Tulane University.

  • Michael Weinstein

    Managing Director, Investment Banking

    Michael experience spans over a period of twenty five years, as Chief Financial Officer of a publicly traded alternative energy solutions finance company. Full range of CFO duties including capital management and capital raising, strategic deal structuring and SEC filings. Prior to his last assignment he was Head of Research at Calyon Securities, managing a 35 person United States research team in economics, FX and credit in the Energy Sector. Mike, as a consultant, is a member of global strategy in natural and renewable energy. Mike has a Bachelor of Science, Major in Economics and a MBA in Finance from St. Louis University.

  • Lane Marlock

    Managing Director/ Investment Banking

    Lane is the former CEO of Shaw Development and led the sale to a major PE Firm. Lane is a seasoned executive with 35 years’ experience across all aspects of business, with considerable strength in strategic planning, financial management, manufacturing operations, supply chain, and performance improvement.

    Lane is an energetic results-focused management professional with progressive leadership experience, while being successful at defining compelling operational strategies, gaining organizational commitment.

    Education: Chicago University Booth School of Business Administration. Seattle University Engineering Management, South Dakota State University
    (Minors: Mathematics & Physics)