The Firm’s well-earned  reputation derives from decades of working with well-managed, private companies that face challenges. Clients see opportunities for growth with increased profits, however, they require equity capital to realize their potential.

Able Global Partners  private equity model:

1)      Private Companies domiciled in the USA, Canada or Western Europe.

2)      Sale, Management Buyout or acquisition capital.

3)      Revenues $75 to $200 million and EBITDA $20 to $50 million.

4)      Invest $50 to $100 million equity per transaction.

5)      Sectors: while the Firm is active in the oil / gas, solar sectors, our focus is also manufacturing, logistics, medical devices, business to business and medical roll ups.

6)      Seasoned Management Teams.

7)      Opportunities for growth.

Our focus is to work with the Management Team to implement their Business Plan and achieve required financial results. Our Team has the experience to improve profit margins, implement synergies in the company’s products/ services, assist in debt restructuring and develop strategies for growth.  Our role is to assist the company to add value and invest private equity.