The Able Global team works with its clients in a collaborative manner. Team members bring considerable hands-on management experience. Focus is to improve operating results and clarify the business opportunities that management believe in for positive long term results. Our role is to assist the company to “add value”.

January, 2023: Sale: Sovereign Pharmaceuticals, LLC, full-service, contract developer and manufacturer established in 1990. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, occupies a 54,000 ft2 cGMP production facility and a 14,500 square foot cGMP R&D/QC facility. Sovereign specializes in developing and manufacturing oral tablets, oral capsules, was sold to Accella pharmaceuticals.

Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company committed to innovating the healthcare field by bringing quality and affordable products to our customers and patients. Our diverse portfolio of therapeutic products helps patients with a variety of healthcare needs.

October 2021: Able Global Partners has closed on a $100 million 10,500 acre Permian Basin Oil & Gas Asset. Focus is to develop Proved Non Producing and Proved Under Production with additional Workover & Drillings.

January 2021: Able Global Partners Investment Committee is focused on increasing their platform of Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), Specialty Pharma Packaging and Medical Device Companies with minimum EBITDA of $25million.

November 2020: Able Global Partners and its Affiliates thru Fund IV has closed on a major purchase of Oil/ Gas assets located in the Anadarko and Arkoma Basins of Oklahoma. In addition, over 2,000 acres with large HBP position provides for future development, along with RTP, behind pipe and horizontal opportunities.

January 31st, 2020Able Global Partners closed on its 2nd  Generic Manufacturing Company strategy of investing in Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) and Pharma Health Packaging Companies.

Appco is a New Jersey based generic drug development and manufacturing company, established in 2012.. It operates through two US FDA approved manufacturing sites in Somerset NJ and Piscataway NJ

The Appco team has extensive skills and experience in development of complex drugs including dosage forms like tablets, capsules, extended release formulations, oral liquids and suspensions, topical formulations etc. Appco’s drug portfolio consists of varying products across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Focused on delivering, cost effective, enhanced quality and long-term life cycle drugs, which abide by the industry and FDA.

Appco runs two office and manufacturing sites in New Jersey, US :25,000 square feet facility in Somerset, NJ, 32,000 square feet  Piscataway, NJ Both the facilities are GDUFA compliant. Solid oral dosage forms (IR and controlled release), Bi-layered tablets, Granules for reconstitution, on-sterile solutions and suspensions.

October 2019:  Able Global Partners, a Private Equity Firm and its Affiliates closed a major transaction with Sovereign Pharmaceutical , located in Fort Worth Texas. Able Global Partners is focused on the CDMO and Pharma Packaging Companies domiciled in the USA and Canada.

Sovereign Pharmaceutical LLC is a full service contract developer and manufacturer established in 1990. Sovereign occupies 54,000  square foot manufacturing production Facility and 10,000 square foot Research and Development Facility. Sovereign specializes in developing and manufacturing both oral and tablets. The Company has an experience / seasoned professional team.

Paul Hafey, President of Sovereign: “ Able Global Partners. led by Peter O’Neill, worked with our team in a collaborative manner bringing years of experience to assist us in enhancing our market share with growing profitability. We highly recommend”.

For further information on equity or  debt capital for companies in the CDMO or Pharma Packaging Sector, contact Peter O’Neill ( Able Global Partners is a Private Equity Firm est. in 1996. Thru our dedicated Equity Fund we invest up to $300million per transaction for full / partial sale, growth or acquisition, as well as a Debt Facility.

September 2019:  Able Global’s Investment Committee, directed by Peter O’Neill, has decided to make a significant investment in the Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) in commercial manufacturing with state of the art manufacturing facilities for solid , liquid and semi-solid dosage forms and Pharma Packaging consisting of 1st rate integrated packaging solution, including printing, contract packaging and medical dispensing.

Able Global closed on their 1st CDMO in December 2018 and are focused to invest up to $300million on new additions in 2019 / 2020. Our model  are private companies with Revenues $150 to $400 million + and EBITDA of $30 to $75 million, located in the USA or Canada with an experience Management team. Have worked successfully with Families in transition and next generation and would consider equity capital for growth.

May 2019:  Able Global Partners sale of 81.5 MW Solar Facility located in Puglia, Italy near Brindisi, a turnkey project completed 2011. The Facility has been in operation since 2011, with required feed-in project, Yingli solar panels, managed professionally with over 1.74 KWH annual radiation. This Facility was sold to a Chinese Sovereign Fund at a significant profit. 

Able Global Partners was founded in 1996. All members pf the Firm’s Investment Committee are actively involved with its portfolio companies. Our goal is work with experience Management Teams and provide an operational focus with an aim to enhance potential growth. Able Global’s focus is to create an “action plan” which enables portfolio companies to execute their business plans.

February 2019: is a leading financial and business firm that offers analysis of investment issues on numerous sectors which affect Global Markets. Michael McTague, Ph.D. Executive Vice President of Able Global Partners, a member of the Investment Committee, was asked to be a Contributing Editor to to give in depth comments on a number of sectors in the USA and Europe. Michael has written more than one hundred salient articles, one appearing each month. In the last year, he tackled such intriguing business topics as issues related to municipal bonds, tech giants and privacy, growing CDMO / Packaging sectors, problems on Amazon’s horizon and dangerous management traits. His articles can be found on the website.

December 2018: Closed a transaction with Sovereign Pharmaceuticals specializes in the manufacture of customized dosage forms with a capability to manufacture over 650 million tablets per year and a packaging capability of over 700 million tablets per year. Sovereign Pharmaceuticals’ liquid formulation capability encompasses a diverse range of liquid products including otic preparations. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

September 2018: Titan Wind Energy was sold for 125million euros to a Chinese Sovereign Fund.

June 2018: Able Global Partners participated as private equity at the National Investment Banking Association representing growing companies in all major sectors.

March 2018: Operating Company Redbud E&P purchased 1,600 wells and 180,000 acres in Kansas, as well as 1,000 miles gas gathering pipeline with compression and treating facilities. Redbud also has extensive oil/ gas assets in Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

July 2017: Able Global’s  Management Team is excited about our partnership with our European Partners to expand our oil/ gas assets in Kansas along with acquiring a 500 mile pipeline for gas gathering facilities.

March 2017: Able Global sold its solar assets in Puglia, Italy for over $75 million. The 25 megawatt Facility was purchased in 2010 for $20 million. The modules were German Conegy and Inverters were Kaco. A Chinese Sovereign Fund was the Buyer.

February 2017: purchase of oil / gas assets in Oklahoma expanding our current production in that region.

January 2017: expanding current assets in the Permian Basin with purchasing a pipeline and construction company. The company’s revenue is generated from pipeline, gathering lines  and installation of surface production equipment.

December 2016:  Michael McTague PhD. Executive Vice President of Able Global Partners is  an expert in the Educational / Manufacturing Sector, was a featured Presenter at Houston Global Opportunities Forum. Dr. McTague is a well-known national writer  in “Equities Magazine” with in depth solutions regarding numerous sectors.

November 2016:  Peter O’Neill will serve on a Panel at the Growth Conference in Dallas, Texas. During the volatile time in the oil/ gas sector, Mr. O’Neill’s experience in this sector will discuss recent multiples, pricing and how to manage growth through acquisitions with synergies.